Open positions

We are currently looking for highly motivated Post-Doc and PhD students willing to work with non-human primates

September 1-6, 2021 Erice, Sicily, ITALY

Workshop: Comparative Neurobiology of higher cognitive functions

Workshop Organizers: Luca Bonini (Università di Parma – Italy), Aldo Genovesio (Università di Roma “La Sapienza” – Italy), Pier Francesco Ferrari (Institut des Sciences Cognitives “Marc Jeannerod” – Lyon – France)

The work of our group consists in developing, leveraging and combining forefront behavioral and neurophysiological techniques for an ethologically relevant and, as much as possible, unconstrained investigation of primate brain.

Understanding the brain during natural behavior is crucial to achieve ecologically valid discoveries about neural circuit functions and disfunctions in neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases. To achieve these goals, in addition to state-of-the-art neurophysiological methods, we employ state-of-the art techniques for recording several neurons simultaneously with wireless technologies, while video monitoring the animals’ free behavior in both individual and social settings with multi-camera systems.